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Newsletter 2022

May 09, 2022

Subject :

Want to advance your inspection?

Vision-Guided Robotics Made Easy
VGR systems are rapidly transforming production processes. Take a look at a range of vision-guided robotic solutions, made with a focus on high accuracy.
[New Product] Ultra-compact Digital CMOS Laser Sensor
The LR-X Laser Sensor is ideal for integration in any situation, thanks to its compact size and durable design. It also offers:
• High performance, stable detection on any target
• Easy, intuitive operation and fast setup
Clear Observation and Measurement of Metal Surfaces with a 4K Microscope
The larger depth of field of KEYENCE’s 4K microscope allows for clear observation with everything in focus. Other useful functions include automatic grain size measurement and high-accuracy analysis.
Material-based Laser Marker Selection Guide
Marking can be done on a variety of materials—including metals, resins, and ceramics—but regardless of the target, clarity is essential. This guide includes valuable tips for selecting the best marker for each material and method.
Improved Usability of Vision Sensors with Automatic AI-Based Configuration
Simply register acceptable and unacceptable samples to the vision sensor for stable detection. The built-in AI makes presence detection and differentiation easy for anyone.
Laser Displacement Sensor Measurement - Global Medical Device Examples
See how KEYENCE laser displacement sensors are being used for measurement around the world. This collection of examples focuses on medical devices.
Perform Difficult Dimensional Measurement Tasks in Record Time
Having trouble performing dimensional measurement due to staff shortages?
The IM-8000 Series image dimension measurement system can improve efficiency by measuring up to 300 dimensions in just a few seconds.
Code Reader Application Examples in the Automotive Industry
As traceability becomes more widespread, the use of codes also continues to accelerate. See how KEYENCE code readers are being used in the automotive industry to help prevent errors.