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About software updates

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Update file:


Checking the version number:

Confirm the version of the sensor by using the IV-Navigator.


・Log on with a user who has administrative

・If the user account control screen appears during
the installation, click the [Continue] button.

・If you have logged on with a user account that does
not have administrative privileges, input a user account
with administrative privileges and the password.

It cannot be installed to a PC which does not have the former IV-Navigator installed.

Update process:
  • 1.Download the update file.

    • (1)Create a new folder on the hard disk drive.

    • (2)Click on the "download" button on the download site. A "File download" dialog will be displayed.

    • (3)Click on the "Save" button. A "Save as..." dialog will be displayed.

    • (4)Designate the folder you created in (1) as "save location" and click the "save" button. The update file will download.

  • 2.Update the software.

    • (1)Double-click the downloaded update file and then run it.

    • (2)Dialog "Welcome to the IV-Navigator Install Shield Wizard" will appear. Please install according to the display.

    • (3)"Install Shield Wizard Complete" dialog is installed if it is display is complete.

Main Changes/Revision History
  • [Changes from R2.00.00 -> R3.00.40] Dec 1 2014
    1.Added features
    Change Connected Sensor / Digital Zoom
    Corresponding to the connection to the IV-G series.

  • [Changes from R1.02.00 -> R2.00.00] Dec 25 2012
    1.Added feature
    Compatibility with Italian / French / Spanish / Portuguese / Korean

  • [Changes from R1.01.01 -> R1.02.00] Mar 22 2012
    1.Added features
    Now supports German language.

  • [Changes from R1.00 -> R1.01.01] Mar 22 2012
    1.Added features
    Now supports Chinese language (simplified/traditional).

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