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LS-9000 Series

Latest update:



Controller software 3.01.00

How to confirm the version:

Use this update software to check the version.

Necessary preparations:
  • Controller that will be updated

  • 24 V power source

  • USB cable

  • PC that has LS-Navigator2 installed on it

*The sensor head is not required.
Make sure that the controller is connected to a power source when performing the update.

  • Do not disconnect the power source while the update is being performed.

  • After updating, the controller settings program will be initialized. We recommend performing a backup of the controller setting contents beforehand. (A backup function is included in LS-Navigator2)

How to update:
  • 1.Download the update tool.
    This can be downloaded using the following procedures:

    • (1)Create a new folder on the hard disk of your PC.

    • (2)From the selection, follow the instructions given on the screen to download the update file.
      Once a message asking you to run or save this file has been displayed, select save, indicate the folder that was created in step (1) and then click the Save button.

  • 2.Perform the update.

    • (1)Unzip the downloaded file named "".

    • (2)Double click the file named "UpdateTool.exe" contained in the folder that was obtained after unzipping the file.
      The [Update Tool] screen will open.

    • (3)

      Click (1) and select the updated target file (LS-9000_Controller_ver3_01_00.kud). Once the selected file has been properly loaded, its file name and other details will be displayed in (2).

      *If the file cannot be loaded properly, an error message will be displayed. Check if the selected file is correct. If the problem is not resolved, contact your nearest KEYENCE sales office.

    • (4)Click the Execute Update button.

    • (5)The version confirmation screen will be displayed. Confirm that the update version is 3.01.00. If you are performing an update, click the Start Update button.

      *If you are not performing an update, click the Cancel button, restart the system and resume use.

    • (6)Once the "Complete" message has been displayed, the update is finished.
      Restart the system and resume use.

      *If communication has failed while an update is being performed, an error message will be displayed. When this occurs, retry the update procedure starting from step (2).

Major Changes/Revision History:
  • [Version 3.01.00]: 07/17/2013

    • Supports EtherNet/IP™ communication unit (CB-EP100), PROFINET communication unit (CB-PN100)

    • Changes made so that data waiting to be judged is handled as an abnormal value with the abnormal value elimination function

    • Adds a function to hold measurement values up to the number of units that has been set with the abnormal value continuous count

    • Changes auto-zero target data from internal measurement values to display values
      (However, peak-to-peak hold and auto peak-to-peak hold are excluded)

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