LCD Display Electronic Preset Counter

RC series

LED Electronic Preset Counters

Variable one-shot output time

Easy-to-read 12 mm LED display

The RC-18/19 display employs super-bright red LEDs with a 12-mm character height. The RC-13/14 display has a 10-mm character height. These counters are easier to read than conventional 48 mm x 48 mm counters.

Key protection function

The key protection function disables the front panel keys, preventing stored data from being unintentionally cancelled.

Variable one-shot output time

The one-shot output time can be easily changed from 0.01 s to 0.5 s.

Reduced body depth

At only 70 mm deep, the RC-14/19 DC counters are space saving.

Flat panel

The flat panel prevents dust from accumulating on the panel surface, allowing easy maintenance.

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