3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

ML-Z series

3-Axis CO2 Laser Marker

3-axis simultaneous laser control system enables X-axis, Y-axis and Z-axis control.

ML-Z9500 Series CO2 Laser Marker

42-mm variable focal length

42-mm variable focal length [World's First]

Installation is made easy by eliminating mechanical stages needed to mark at different heights.

Variable spot size

Variable spot size [World's First]

Character width and position can be kept constant for exceptionally sharp marking.

300 x 300-mm wide area

300 x 300-mm wide area [Best-in-class]

A single 3-Axis CO2 laser marker covers a 300 x 300 mm wide area.

3-Axis laser marking

3-Axis laser marking [World's First]

High accuracy marking can be made on any shaped target without worrying about character deformation or displacement.

High-speed 30 W output

High-speed 30 W output [Best-in-class]

12,000 mm/sec ensures the ML-Z can match the speed of any production line.

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