CMOS Multi-Function Analogue Laser SensorIL series


CC-Link Communication Unit


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Supported version

Version 2.00, version 1.10 (switchable)

CC-Link specifications

No. of occupied stations

Ver. 2.00: 1 station, 8 times/2 stations, 8 times/4 stations, 2 times
(switchable), Ver. 1.10: 1/2/4 stations (switchable)

Station type

Remote device station

Transmission speed

156 kbps/625 kbps/2.5 Mbps/5 Mbps/10 Mbps

Station number settings

1 to 64

Power voltage

20 to 30 VDC, including ripple (P-P) 10 % (supplied from the connected sensor amplifiers)


Approx. 80 g

*1 For connecting with sensor, please refer to the user's Manual

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