High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G3000 series

LK-Navigator Support Software

Simple Setting and Analysis with a PC

LK-Navigator supports optimal setting of the LK-G and data gathering from a PC. Settings can be made via USB.

Setting support software LK-Navigator

Easily Program Optimal Settings

Easily Program Optimal Settings

Simply follow the menu to select the settings. The navigator, with illustrations and explanations, allows any user to make settings easily.

Display of Received-light Waveform

Display of Received-light Waveform

The waveform of received-light intensity formed on the CCD can be displayed. This feature is highly effective for measuring transparent targets in which two or more received-light waveforms are generated.

Data Storage Function

Data storage function

The data stored in the internal memory of the LK-G can be displayed visually and acquired by a PC. It features enlarging, reducing, and overlapping of the display, reading of measurements using the cursor, and other functions for data analysis.

Display of Measurement and Statistics Values

Display of measurement and statistics values

The controller's display can be reproduced on a PC. The measurement condition can be monitored in real time while configuring the settings. Using the statistic function allows the user to check the status of the system.

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