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          High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

          LK-G3000 series

          6 sensor-heads are available with the newly-developed algorithm and 2 types of optical systems.


          • World's Fast Sampling Speed of 50 kHz
          • Industry Best Accuracy of ±0.02% (LK-G10/15)
          • Class Best Repeatability of 0.0004 Mil (0.01 µm)
          • Multifunctional Controller
          • Simple, Menu Driven Software

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          LK-G3000 series - High-speed, High-accuracy CCD Laser Displacement Sensor

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          High-precision Measurement on Any Material or Surface

          Confocal Displacement Sensor
          CL-3000 series

          • High-precision measurement on any material or surface
          • Ultra-compact and lightweight
          • Effective on curved, uneven and rough surfaces

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          CL-3000 series - Confocal Displacement Sensor

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