Ultra High-Speed/High-Accuracy Laser Displacement Sensor

LK-G5000 series

Sensor Head

Superior measuring Ability Provides Excellent Performance For Any Measurement Application

Translucent Object RPD* Algorithm

A translucent object causes a diffuse reflection beneath the surface when the laser beam penetrates inside the object and the received-light wave pattern gently broadens. The RPD algorithm is able to detect the Real Peak by canceling the impact of the broadened wave patterns.
*RPD=Real Peak Detect


Translucent Object

Transparent Object MULTI-ABLE CONTROL

Optimises the laser intensity by sensing and adjusting to the reflected light for each layer of a transparent object. High accuracy is accomplished because the measurement is not affected by each layer's reflectivity.


Transparent Object

High Lustre Resin CPC* ALGORITHM

More stable high-definition measurement is attained by combining two wave form patterns of reflected light from the target. One wave form is a result of the highly reflective surface while the other is a result of light reflected from beneath the surface.
*Centre and Peak Composition


High Lustre Resin

Measurement of hairline metal surface

Measurement of hairline metal surface

A wide-area spot that is 2.3 times wider than conventional models*

A wide-area spot makes it possible to stably measure by averaging the diffuse reflection from the projections and depressions on a coarse target's surface.
*Compared to the LK-G37 and LK-H057.

Measurement of extremely small targets/shapes

Measurement of extremely small targets/shapes

Extremely small spot Ø25 μm

Extremely small spot, minimum Ø25 μm, detects minute targets with complete accuracy. It is also suitable for profiling.

Sensor head dedicated to specular reflection

Sensor head dedicated to specular reflection

KEYENCE has developed a sensor head that is dedicated to specular reflection and ensures consistent accuracy with the sensor head positioned for specular reflection. KEYENCE has designed the light-receiving lens optical system specifically for this, in order to significantly improve the linearity. Furthermore, KEYENCE fulfills ±0.02% of F.S by testing the linearity adjustment in manufacturing with sensor heads positioned for specular reflection.


Measurement of Speed (m/s), Acceleration (m/s2)

Measurement of Speed (m/s), Acceleration (m/s2)

The LK-G5000 Series is equipped with a function to directly measure the speed (m/s) and acceleration (m/s2) of targets. Just select the type of measurement: "displacement", "speed", or "acceleration". Since the differential processing circuit is inside the controller, it is possible to calculate measurements that were previously calculated externally. It is suitable for lightweight, easily deformed, and high-temperature targets which are difficult to measure with a contact sensor.

Example of measurement of stage movement

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