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          Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

          LT-9000 series

          • Long Range Type Measurement Head

          Long Range Type Measurement Head

          Image Processing Engine with Double Speed Progressive Scan Camera

          Various Measurement Modes

          9 Measurement Modes

          The LT-9000 Series features 9 types of measurement hold modes, including Peak hold, Bottom hold, and Peak-to-peak hold mode. The mode can be set up as desired according to the application without using an analogue controller or PLC.

          9 Measurement modes to meet your application needs

          2-channel Simultaneous Measurement

          Simple, Accurate Measurement Confirmation

          The measurement of two different points can be performed simultaneously. The surface position and thickness of glass can be measured and displayed at the same time.

          Simultaneous measurement

          Interchangeable Sensor Head and Controller

          Easily Replacement of Sensor Heads

          A CPU is built into the sensor head so that the sensor head and controller become interchangeable. The calibration data and other information of the sensor head is digitally transferred to the controller. Complicated adjustments are no longer required upon replacement.

          Calibration Function

          A Variety of Calibration Functions are available to Handle Most Situations

          The measured values can be calibrated by using a reference target. Since logical calibration can be performed using numerical values, optimal adjustment can be made according to the details of the actual target measurements.

          • Long Range Type Measurement Head

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