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          Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

          LT-9000 series

          • High Accuracy Surface Scanning Laser

          High Accuracy Surface Scanning Laser

          The high-accuracy, surface scanning method allows measurements of all types of targets

          Two directional scanning for ultra high accuracy and stability

          Two Directional Scanning for Accuracy and Stability

          World's First 2 Axis Surface Scan

          A tuning fork and oscillating unit are combined to create a surface scanning laser. This results in advanced displacement and profile measurements that are unaffected by target colour or angle.

          Z-axis Scanning

          A tuning fork is combined with the confocal principle to obtain high-accuracy measurement.

          X-axis Scanning

          An oscillating unit creates a wide scan area. This allows increased measurement stability.

          • High Accuracy Surface Scanning Laser

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