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          High-speed 2D/3D Laser Profiler

          LJ-V7000 series


          Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

          2D MEASUREMENT

          HEIGHT AND STEP DIFFERENCE - Pin height and step height measurement

          WIDTH AND POSITION - Building material board positioning

          PROFILE AND CROSS SECTION - Sealant inspection

          WARPAGE AND FLATNESS - Warpage measurement of Sealant inspection PCBs

          ANGLE AND RADIUS - Angle measurement of processed products

          THICKNESS MEASUREMENT - Case thickness measurement


          Soldering bridge and volume inspection

          Traditional cameras - Inspection is difficult due to influence from PCB patterns and solder surface conditions. / LJ-V + Image processing - Inspections including solder presence, bridging, and volume can be performed.

          Tailored blank welding appearance inspection

          Traditional cameras - Inspection using the camera is difficult because the surface conditions of the workpiece are not stable. / LJ-V + Image processing - Stable inspection is possible regardless of the workpiece surface.

          Card number character recognition (OCR)

          Traditional cameras - Detection is difficult due to influence from the background. / LJ-V + Image processing - Reliable character recognition (OCR) is possible no matter what kind of card is being used.

          Measurement Library

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