Ultra-High Speed In-line Profilometer

LJ-V7000 series

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1. Stable, high-accuracy measurement of even difficult-to-detect targets

This is the first time in the world that a blue laser has been used for a 2D laser displacement sensor, and the result is extremely stable measurement.

2. Revolutionary Speed and Stability

Our newly developed CMOS with a wide dynamic range provides excellent speed and stability that were not possible until now.

3. A Profiler Built for Inline Measurements

A rich suite of adjustment functions makes it possible to handle issues such as positional misalignment, variation, and tilt of the target in real time.

4. Easy configuration for any user

Settings can be configured in only 3 steps, ensuring easy configuration for veterans and novices alike.

Download Catalogue LJ-V Series Ultra-High Speed In-line Profilometer Catalogue

Case Studies

  • By using KEYENCE’s LJ-G sensor, the Automotive Equipment Manufacturer has automated its inspection of airbag deployment slits in vehicle dashboards. This resulted in stable measurements and a fast return on investment.

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