Surface Scanning Laser Confocal Displacement Meter

LT-9000 series

Z-Axis Surface Scanning

Excellent Resolution of 0.3µm for High-accuracy Applications

Z axis scanning for ultra high resolution

Excellent Resolution of 0.3 µm

High-accuracy Measurement Method Uses the Confocal Principle and Tuning Fork

The laser beam is focused on the target surface through an objective lens that vibrates up and down at high speed by means of a tuning fork. The beam reflected off the target surface is converged on a pinhole and then enters the light-receiving element. By measuring the exact position of the objective lens when the light enters the receiving element, the target height can be determined. The sensor measures the distance to the target surface accurately without being affected by the material, colour, or angle of the target.

High angular characteristics

Improved Performance

The coaxial optical system improves measurement performance

When Focus is not Obtained On the Target Surface

Focus not obtained on target surface

A small amount of received light passes through the pinhole.

When Focus is Obtained on the Target Surface

Focus is obtained on target surface

All of the received light passes through the pinhole.

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