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Advanced functions with simple setup

Measurement points identifiable at a glance

Easy adjustment with Target Viewer
The measuring head incorporates a CMOS camera to capture an image of a target. By viewing the real-time image on the target viewer, the measurement position of a target with a complicated shape can be easily adjusted. It is also easy to check the measurement condition of a small or transparent target.

Easy management of NG values

Data logging
The history of unacceptable values, such as date/time, measured value, and comparison result, can be recorded in the internal memory of the controller.

Easy trend check of a target

Trend display
The LS-7000 Series measures continuously and displays not only numeral values but also a trend graph that represents the measured values in a waveform.

Prevention of malfunction due to dust or other irrelevant factors

Abnormal value ignore function
This function ignores abnormal values exceeding a preset value to prevent malfunctions caused by dust or other irrelevant factors.

Reduced man-hours for changeover

16 selectable programs
Up to 16 programs including the measuring area and tolerance can be stored in the memory for each target.

Easy setting/management from a PC

Easy setting/Setting data backup function
The controller settings can be stored and backed up in a PC. The measurement condition setting can also be configured or changed on the PC and transferred to the controller. The setting is easy by just selecting menus.

Easy transfer of measured values to Excel

Logging function
The setting data can be transferred directly to Excel in real time. There is also a function to display the measured values on the PC screen, enabling traceability management or the preparation of quality data reports.