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          Ultra-High-speed, High-accuracy Optical Micrometer

          LS-9000 series


          Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

          Even vibrating targets are measured with high-speed

          Measuring the outer diameter of a high-speed wire

          Misaligned workpieces are adjusted and measured

          Measuring the outer diameter of a shaft

          Enables 2D position measurement on a single device

          Measuring the position and outer diameter of an optic fibre

          Smallest detectable object [6mm type - Standard mode : 40 µm / Ultra-thin mode : 10 µm][30mm type - Standard mode : 300 µm / Ultra-thin mode : 80 µm]

          Measuring the outer diameter of an ultra-thin wire

          Measuring the outer diameter and runout of a photocopier roller

          Measuring the outer diameter of a motor shaft

          Taking dimensional measurements of transparent film and coating material

          Measurement Library

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