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Measurement Principle

Uniform collimated lighting with a green LED. Two-dimensional CMOS array detects the light-dark edges in the received light, and measures the dimensions.

Traceable two dimensional inspections in line.

Measurement Principle

[1] Dual telecentric optical system

Dual telecentric lenses are ensure only collimated light is used for imaging. Even though the distance from the object to the lenses change, the size of the image on the CMOS does not change. High precision measurement is possible.

Genaue Subpixelverarbeitung

[2] Pinpoint sub-pixel processing

High speed and high precision are achieved by performing pinpoint extraction and sub-pixel processing on just the contour within the specified measurement area, from the silhouette imaged on the CMOS.

[3] HUD unit + collimator lens

Collimated light is produced without any unevenness by spreading LED light uniformly across the complete range.
*HUD unit = High Uniform Diffusion unit

[4] High brightness InGaN green LED

A high brightness LED is used, combining three features,
- Even Brightness Distribution
- Resistant to EMF
- Eye Safe



The optical system using a Green LED, and telecentric lenses apply uniform LED light onto the target.
This light projects an image on the 2D CMOS and the edges between the light and dark areas are detected to allow measurement at multiple points. Moreover, the motor-less structure and longer life light source provide high durability.