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          Lenses (for Digital Microscope)

          VH lens Series

          Wide Selection of Lenses for Any Application

          VH-Z25: Zoom lens

          A single lens unit covers 25x to 175x magnification.

          The VH-Z25 can continuously change magnification from 25x to 175x without the need for lens replacement. You can quickly find an observation point at low magnification and then directly zoom in on the observation point. The VH-Z25 provides two types of illumination heads (contact type and non-contact type) as standard equipment. The non-contact type illumination head provides an observation distance of 1.00" (25.5 mm), improving your operating efficiency.

          VH-Z25: Zoom lens

          VH-Z35: Long-focal-distance zoom lens

          35x to 245x magnification at a distance of 2.13" (54 mm)

          With a monitoring distance of 2.13" (54 mm) and extremely high depth-of-field, this lens provides a convenient way to monitor a target with height differences on the surface. This wide working space greatly increases monitoring efficiency. With a single lens, you can monitor from a low magnification (35x) to a high magnification (245x), allowing the desired point to be quickly enlarged.

          VH-Z35: Long-focal-distance zoom lens

          VH-Z150: Middle-range zoom lens

          150x to 800x magnification, ideal for monitoring bright images.

          This middle-range zoom lens allows continuous changes in magnification of between 150x and 800x. It can be used to monitor at a distance 0.47" (12 mm) at 800x magnification. The illumination head can be switched to a coaxial vertical illumination type to enable detailed observation of Microstructure of metal or a semiconductor surface.

          VH-Z150: Middle-range zoom lens

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