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          Lenses (for Digital Microscope)

          VH lens Series

          • Borescopes and Fibrescopes

          Borescopes and Fibrescopes

          Borescope lens: VH-B18 / B27 / B40 / B55 / B100

          Double the brightness than conventional models

          ø1.8, ø2.7, ø4, ø5.5, and ø10mm types allow for the most suitable borescope selection according to the application. It is possible to switch from a direct view to a lateral view by installing the included 90° lateral view tube on to the borescope lens. In addition, the Borescope Lens Zoom Attachment has a 3x optical zoom mechanism which produces observation with higher resolution.

          Borescope lens: VH-B18 / B27 / B40 / B55 / B100

          Borescope lens: VH-B31 / B32 / B61 / B64

          ø3-mm sleeve for viewing inside a narrow gap

          The 3-mm sleeve diameter enables you to easily monitor inside a narrow gap or complicated shape. Select from two types of end shapes: Direct-view and oblique-view. Only the lens is contained in the sleeve, enabling excellent resolution. The borescope lens is completely waterproof for underwater observation.

          Borescope lens: VH-B31 / B32 / B61 / B64

          Fibrescope: VH-F61 / F111

          Monitoring a complicated shape

          The fibrescope allows you to monitor places where conventional lenses cannot be used, such as the inside of a complicated machine or a narrow, bending pipe. You can even monitor blind spots by changing the angle of the top of the fibrescope remotely.

          • Borescopes and Fibrescopes

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