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          Lenses (for Digital Microscope)

          VH lens Series


          The lens unit is comprised of 24 lenses in total, including 13 lenses for the objective section, and 11 lenses for the zoom section. Using a silica lens, the VHX series can correct chromatic aberration.

            • Maximum optical magnification of 5000 times
            • Up to 0.82 numerical aperture with 4.4mm of working distance
            • Automatic Lens/Zoom Recognition, Double'R
            • Optical 10x zoom lens
            • Bayonet mount for quick-connect
            • Dual light system
            • During observation, illumination for dark field and bright field can be easily switched.

            • The VH-Z25 can continuously change magnification from 25x to 175x without the need for lens replacement.

            • ø1.8, ø2.7, ø4, ø5.5, and ø10mm types allow for the most suitable borescope selection according to the application.

            • The long-focal-distance lens provides a long monitoring distance of 60 to 78 mm, allowing you to continue working while monitoring a target.

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