Two-colour Digital Display Pressure Sensor

AP-30 series

Self-contained Pressure Sensors

Digital Display Pressure Sensor

Two-colour LED Display

The green and red two-colour LED display clearly shows abnormal pressure even from a distance. The AP-30 enables more reliable pressure control than conventional mechanical pressure switches or digital pressure sensors.

The Largest Character Height in its Class: 11 mm

The measured value can be clearly seen even when the sensor is mounted at the back of equipment to control base pressure.

High Resolution: 1/1000

High resolution enables precise adjustment and high accuracy.

Unit Conversion Function

The pressure can be displayed in any of four pressure units enabling it to be used worldwide.

Psi: North America
Pa: International System of Units (SI)
kgf/cm2, mmHg: Japan
bar: Europe

Analogue Output Function

(1 to 5 V) The analogue output can be used to record pressure data.

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