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          Separate Amplifier Type Pressure Sensor

          AP-40 series

          AP-40 Series Pressure Sensor Head

          Super light and Compact for Easy Installation in Tight Spaces

          Industry's smallest & lightest sensor head, weighing only 7 g

          The super small and light sensor head measures 20 0.79"(L) x 13 0.51"(W) x 10 0.39"(H) (mm), weighing only 7 g. It can be mounted in a tight space or onto a moving section, such as a suction nozzle.

          Super-compact pressure sensor head for easy installation

          A pressure sensor that measures both negative and positive pressure

          Compound Pressure Type

          Measures both negative and positive pressure. A single sensor head can check not only the suction condition of a workpiece but also the vacuum break for releasing the workpiece.

          High-speed response of 2.5 ms

          The super-small sensor head can be mounted close to the detection point. As a result, loss of response time due to air tube length can be eliminated.

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