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          Separate Amplifier Type Pressure Sensor

          AP-40 series

          • Separate Amplifier Pressure Sensor

          Separate Amplifier Pressure Sensor

          Two-colour LED Pressure Display for Enhanced Onsite Visibility

          Two-colour LED Display

          Enables pressure control at an "easy-to-observe" location. Two-colour LEDs are used for pressure display. On site Visibility is enhanced.

          Abnormal pressure values are displayed in red as a warning so that the operator notices it immediately.

          Improved usability with Two-colour LED digital display

          An one-touch connector is used.

          Chatter prevention function for error free output

          Chatter Prevention Function

          Prevents erroneous output caused by instantaneous pressure changes. When a large-bore cylinder or an ejector is activated, the base pressure drops for an instant. The chatter prevention function ignores this abnormal pressure change for a specified period. This eliminates the need for external sequence programs.

          A pressure sensor that measures both negative and positive pressure

          Compound Pressure Type

          Measures both negative and positive pressure. A single sensor head can check not only the suction condition of a workpiece but also the vacuum break for releasing the workpiece.

          Peak-hold/Bottom-hold Display Function

          When the pressure value changes quickly during suction condition checking, the peak-hold/bottom-hold function is used to check the highest and lowest pressure the sensor received during operation. This ensures reliable checking of the pressure condition.

          Analogue Output (AP-40)

          The pressure value can be linearly output as analogue value from 1 to 5 V. The analogue output can be used to record pressure data easily.

          • Separate Amplifier Pressure Sensor

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