UK & Ireland

Easy to Use

Clog Resistant. No Disassembly Required for Cleaning.

[Step flush diaphragm]

The GP-M features a step flush diaphragm design that prevents foreign materials from clogging the unit.

Taking apart is possible for cleaning

Easy Maintenance

Clogging inside of the sensor may lead to a delayed response or errors in detection values. The GP-M can be removed and cleaned when couplings or other connecting parts become clogged. The step flush diaphragm design simplifies debris removal.

Highly Visible Indicators & Display

Easy to see operation status from any viewing direction

Above/The rear/The front/Below

Large Display

Large Display

Easy to read display, even in harsh environments

Display inversion function

Inverse display function

The digitial display can be inverted 180 degrees, which allows installation in nearly any orientation.