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Customizable Protection

Flexible Mounting

A safety laser scanner allows users to easily and freely configure the protection zones for both horizontal and vertical applications.

Horizontal use for area protection

Vertical use for access protection

Application Example 1: Replacing Safety Mats

The SZ series is a common alternative to safety mats. By applying laser scanning technology, costly replacements due to wear-and-tear or dropped product are completely avoided. Furthermore, the protection zone is easily customized which eliminates the need to stock different safety mats for each application.

Application Example 2: Space and Cost Savings for Access Protection

The SZ Series often proves to be the best solution for access protection as well. A common example is protecting a non-rectangular area or where installing a light curtain can be an issue. With it's reflective technology and flexible protection zone, the SZ Series can be an alternative to safety light curtains.

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