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Safety Light Curtain

GL-R series

Step 5 / Select the Optional Accessories

Use the following steps to select the optimum GL-R Series components for your application


Select the light curtain type


Select the light curtain length


Select the mounting bracket


Select the cables


Select the optional accessories*

*Optional accessories are not required for normal operation.

[ Step 5 ] Select the optional accessories

Front protection cover

Select a front protection cover to protect the detection surface as necessary.

Two sets are required to install protection on both the transmitter and receiver. Refer to the detection distances in the chart when using the front protection cover.

Think of the front protection cover as a replaceable item. When heavily soiled, melted due to spatter, or damaged due to impact, replace the cover with a new one.

Interface unit

Optional accessory required to perform configuration and monitoring of the GL-R on a PC.

Corner mirror SL-M Series

By using a corner mirror, it is possible to reduce costs and save time on wiring.

• This is a mirror that reflects light from the transmitter within a range of 45° to 95°. Up to 4 mirrors can be used. For details, see the “SL-M Series instruction manual”.

For each single corner mirror, the detection distance will decrease by approximately 10%.

* Newly added to the lineup

GL-T11R Series dedicated relay for the GL-R Series


Dedicated relay for the GL-R Series

SL-U2 dedicated power supply for KEYENCE light curtains (Class 2 output)

Dedicated power supply for KEYENCE light curtains

GL-T11R Connection Cable

• The following cable must be used for connection between the GL-R and GL-T11R.
The system will not operate if other GL-R cables are used to connect the GL-R and GL-T11R.


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