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          Digital Fibre Optic Sensors

          FS-V10 series

          Auto and manual calibration

          A single unit covers every application

          Dual monitoring system

          Dual monitoring system

          FS-V10 Series fibreĀ optic sensors feature both a digital LED indicator, which numerically displays the received light intensity, and a bar LED, which shows the level of detection stability (excess gain). The digital LED indicator can be used to align the optical axis and to display operating conditions during sensor mounting. The bar LED indicates detection stability during operation.

          Optical axis alignment using digital LED indicator a powerful aid for optical axis alignment

          Auto and manual calibration

          In addition to the conventional AUTO SET button, FS-V10 Series fibreĀ optic sensors feature a manual adjustment button, which enables fine adjustment. You can start detection after a quick calibration using the AUTO SET button, then make fine adjustments to the sensitivity using the manual button. Using only the automatic calibration or only the manual calibration will provide satisfactory detection. Even an inexperienced person can make very precise adjustments.

          From ultra-high precision to ultra-high power: A single unit covers every application
          FS-V10 Series fibre optic sensors offer three levels of detection to suit the application.

          The FS-V10 Series can be used for high-precision detection of wire as thin as 0.01 mm in diameter with a thrubeam type fibre unit. It can also be used for detection in harsh environments where oil or dust exists. Because the FS-V10 Series can work in almost all applications, sensor selection is easy.

          At a glance digital LED monitors interrupted light

          At a glance digital LED monitors interrupted light

          The digital LED monitor displays the light quantity at the light-receiving element incrementally from 0 to 4095. This enables you to determine the degree of dust accumulation on the sensor and the deviation in the optical axis. In addition, checking the change in the light quantity with the digital reading ensures an optimal setting value, improving the detection reliability.

          Unstable operating conditions can be discovered at a glance using Bar LED indicators

          The bar LED indicates detection stability using a 7-level bar LED. The bar LED shows when maintenance is required at a glance, which is difficult to notice with the digital display.

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