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Digital CMOS Laser Sensor

GV series

Other Features

Sensor head

Four variations ranging from long-distance to high-accuracy detection.

long distance

Rugged, IP-67 rated sensor heads can be put to the test in harsh environments.

Amplifier unit

Amplifier unit

The power is supplied through the side connector when connecting expansion units. This saves two wires per unit (power +, -).
*The GV Series' amplifiers should not be connected with those of other models.

1 spot indicator

This indicator tells you from the reflection whether the target is on the optimal condition for detection.
Make sure that the 1 spot indicator is lit when you perform the datum tuning.

No multiple reflection

No multiple reflection

There is a multiple reflection

 multiple reflection

bar led


This bar LED shows you the detection state at a glence.

External input [ selectable ]

External shift input: the current value can be shifted to any value.

Bank switching input: the bank switches two setting values with each other.

Timing input: This input enables the output.

Timer Function [ Selectable ]

Off-delay, On-delay, One-shot
On-delay/Off-delay, On-delay/One-shot

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