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Best Detection Ability in its Class

The technology in the LR-Z Series allows for detection of any target.

1) Universal Change Detection (U.C.D. Function)

How the U.C.D. Function works:

Simply press and hold the SET & UP buttons simultaneously to allow the sensor to detect any target that varies from the background. This is possible through the U.C.D. Function, which monitors changes in both position AND intensity to provide reliable and stable detection with ease.

2) Position Based Detection

How the Position Based Detection works:

Position-based sensing reliably detects targets regardless of shape, colour, or surface finish. All LR-Z models are diffuse, meaning, it eliminates the need for separate receiver or reflector.

Additional Features

Dynamic Stability Control

The D.S.C. Function ensures stable detection by accounting for changes in the background due to dust or vibration.

500mm Detection Range

For the first time, a sensor with this type of technology can now solve applications up to 500mm away.

Light Power Control Function

The combination of a laser light source and CMOS receiving element allow the LR-Z to automatically adjust its sensitivity for stable detection on any part, regardless of colour or angle.

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