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Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

LV-N series

LV-NH35 Small Beam Spot Reflective

Small size and highly flexible installation

Small beam spot through narrow spaces, the LV-NH35 laser sensor head

Small Spot Beam

A small beam spot can reach the target in a narrow space even at a detecting distance of up to 750mm.

Constant Beam Spot Diameter

The LV-NH35 retains a constant beam spot diameter at any point within its detecting range. This simplifies system design and setup significantly by eliminating the need to consider the sensor-to-target distance.

The LV-NH35 Enables Highly Accurate Detection Regardless of the Installation Conditions

By using a semiconductor laser as a light source, the LV series can maintain a sharp beam spot even at a long distance. Even when mounted far away from the target, the LV series can accurately detect and differentiate that which would have been impossible with a sensor using a LED as a light source.

Cannon hole transmitter, LV-NH35 laser sensor head

Cannon Hole Transmitter

The LV-NH35 provides a coaxial structure in which the transmitter is composed of a metallic pipe from which the laser beam is emmited and the receiver is positioned around the transmitter to receive the reflected beam on the same plane. (Patent pending)


Detecting the presence/absence of grease in a component
(aiming at a target)

Detecting grease in component

With conventional reflective sensors, the reflected beam does not enter the receiver. However, the LV-NH35 provides the coaxial structure, enabling the reflected beam to be received.







Straight-beam coaxial

Adjustable beam spot

Ultra-small beam spot

FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10

Class 1 Laser Product

IEC 60825-1

Light source

Visible red semiconductor laser, Wavelength: 660 nm



750 mm

1200 mm

70±15 mm


600 mm

1000 mm


450 mm

750 mm


300 mm

500 mm


150 mm

250 mm


100 mm

200 mm

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C (No freezing)

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)



Glass reinforced plastic

Lens cover

Norbornene plastic

Acrylic (Receivers: Polyarylate)

Glass (Receivers: Polyarylate)


Approx. 65 g


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