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Multi-Purpose Digital Laser Sensor

LV-N series

LV-NH62 Small Beam Spot Retro-Reflective

Highly precise target detection with easy installation

Spot Diameter of Only 1.5 mm At a Distance of Up to 1 Metre.

Use the R-6 reflector with the KEYENCE LV-NH62 laser sensor

Stable detection even when the optical axis in not perfectly aligned

The Straight-beam, Retro-reflective Type Enables Easy and Reliable Detection.

Setup is effortless due to the visible red beam spot that can easily be seen on the target and on the reflector . Even if the optical axis is not perfectly aligned, the detection is stable as long as the beam is returned by the reflector.

Single-eye Structure Offers Characteristics Comparable to Thrubeam Type Sensors.

Conventional Double-lens sensor

Conventional Double-lens Sensor

A conventional sensor uses a transmitter and a receiver, resulting in variation in the detection point.

LV-NH62 Single-lens sensor

LV-NH62 Single-lens Sensor

The LV-NH62 features not only a straight beam but also a single-lens structure by combining together the transmitter and receiver. This eliminates variation in the detection point, enabling detection equivalent to thrubeam type sensors.

Polarized Reflection Optics

Built-in P.R.O. Function

The LV-NH62 features Polarized Reflective Optics (P.R.O.) that cancel direct reflection from mirror-surfaced targets. Using a polarizing filter ensures stable detection of even metallic or glossy targets

Detection stability level indicator included as a standard feature

The Sensor Head is Equipped with a "Level Indicator" that Indicates the Detection Stability

A "level indicator" is a standard feature on all KEYENCE laser sensors and indicates the detection stability. The operation status and detection stability can be easily checked without viewing the indicator on the amplifier.

A Semiconductor Laser is Used as the Light Source.

By using a semiconductor as a light source, the LV Series forms a sharp beam spot even at long distances.



Detecting small targets

Detecting small electronic targets.


protruding wafers

Detecting a protruding wafer in a wafer cartridge.


Detecting pin

Detecting a protruding pin.


Thin target

Detecting the presence/absence of thin targets.





Small spot

FDA (CDRH) Part 1040.10

Class 1 Laser Product

IEC 60825-1

Light source

Visible red semiconductor laser, Wavelength: 660 nm



8 m


7 m


6 m


5 m


3.5 m


2 m

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

-10 to +55 °C (No freezing)



Glass reinforced plastic

Lens cover

Norbornene plastic

Reflective mirror

Polycarbonate, acrylic


Approx. 65 g


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