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          Amplifier Separate Type Photoelectric Sensor

          PS-T series

          One-touch Calibration Amplifier

          Photoelectric Sensor Amplifier

          Ultra-long Detecting Distance

          Stable Detection in Harsh Environments

          The PS01 provides double the normal detecting distance of conventional photoelectric sensors. With a single amplifier, you can switch between FINE mode for precise detection or TURBO mode for long-distance detection. Stable detection is ensured even on production lines with harsh environments.

          Fully-automatic Calibration

          Calibrate Sensors without stopping the Production Line

          By simply pressing the SET button, the PS01 will automatically set the sensitivity difference between ON and OFF status. You can easily calibrate sensors without stopping the production line. Positioning and two-point calibration are also available.

          Simple Wiring and Connection

          1-line , 0-line Expansion Connector

          The newly developed expansion connector allows unique 1-line and 0-line connections. The amplifier units are linked together by using the connectors on the side. Sensor head connection is also quick and easy.

          1-line Connection System (Patent Pending)

          Only Requires a Single Output Wire

          The PS01's wire-saving 1-line connection system supplies power from the main unit to all expansion units through the expansion connector. Therefore, only one output wire is required for each expansion unit. This revolutionary connection system greatly reduces wiring time

          0-line Connection System (Patent Pending)

          Only Requires a Single Connector

          The PS01 0-line amplifiers can be operated using a single connector. By using the same connector unit, both the FS01 0-line fibre optic amplifiers and the PS01 0-line photoelectric amplifiers can be operated together. This flexible system saves wiring time and simplifies setup.

          Simple Plug-in Sensor Head

          One-Touch Connector

          The PS01 series employs a quick disconnect sensor head, which improves the reliability of the connection to the amplifier. The secure connection eliminates problems caused by connection failures. The sensor head can be easily replaced for maintenance.

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