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          Electrostatic SensorSK series

          Main unit



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          Charge potential measurement

          Measurement mode

          High-precision mode, Wide-range mode

          Measuring distance

          High-precision mode

          25 mm

          Wide-range mode

          100 mm

          Measuring range

          High-precision mode

          ±2 kV

          Wide-range mode

          ±50 kV

          Measuring accuracy

          High-precision mode

          ±10 V*1

          Wide-range mode

          ±100 V*1*2

          Display resolution

          0 to 999 V : 1 V, 1.00 to 9.99 kV : 0.01 kV. 10.0 kV and higher : 0.1 kV

          Sampling cycle

          Approx 1.4 ms

          Temperature measurement

          Measuring range

          0 to +40°C

          Measuring accuracy


          Display resolution


          Sampling cycle

          1 s

          Humidity measurement

          Measuring range

          10 to 85% RH

          Measuring accuracy

          ±5% RH*3

          Display resolution

          1% RH

          Sampling cycle

          1 s

          Charge monitor function

          Ion balance measuring mode

          Ion balance measuring range

          ±1 kV*4

          Measured voltage display resolution

          ±10 V*4*5

          1 V*4

          Static elimination time measuring mode

          Charge voltage

          ±1400 V*4

          Static elimination time display resolution

          0.1 s*4

          Measuring time

          0 to 99 s*4

          Laser class

          Class 1 Laser Product (IEC60825-1: 2014 FDA(CDRH)Part1040.10*6)

          PC interface

          USB 2.0 Full Speed

          Power supply

          2 AA alkaline dry-cell batteries

          Power supply

          Operating time

          8 hours (in charge potential measuring mode)

          Environmental resistance

          Ambient temperature

          0 to +40 °C (No freezing or condensation)

          Relative humidity

          10 to 85 % RH (No condensation)*7


          SK-H050 : PC-ABS, PC, SUS/SK-H055 : PC, SUS, PTFE, PVC


          SK-H050: Approx. 240 g, SK-H055: Approx. 220 g

          *1 Within ±100 V when using high-precision mode; within ±1 kV when using wide-range mode. In other ranges, display value has an accuracy of ±10% (display value). Values are obtained from measurements with a response time of 0.8 seconds.
          *2 Measuring accuracy is satisfied in the range of ±30 kV.
          *3 25°C, 50% RH.
          *4 SK-H055 is required.
          *5 Within ±100 V. In other ranges, display value has an accuracy of ±10% (display value).
          *6 The laser classification is implemented on the basis of IEC 60825-1 following the requirements of Laser Notice No. 50 of the FDA (CDRH).
          *7 10 to 60 % RH when using SK-H055.

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