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High-Speed/Wide Area Static Eliminator

SJ-F300 series

Automatic Sensing and Feedback Functions

I.C.C. Method for Improved Static Elimination Capacity

Sense the quantity of electrostatic charge and automatically control the ideal ion balance


The I.C.C. method calculates the electrostatic charge level on the target by sensing the ion current generated by the potential difference between the electrode of the ioniser and GND. Then the I.C.C. method supplies the ideal ions rapidly according to the quantity and polarity of electrostatic charges. It provides effective static elimination by using the most suitable ions for the target.

No electrostatic charge

When the target is uncharged, the I.C.C. method can control the equal emission time for applied high voltage on both electrode probes in order to keep the current in the earth wire the same by generating both positive and negative ions.

With + electrostatic charge

When the target is charged, the I.C.C. method can read the quantity and polarity of the target according to the changes from the earth wire thus controlling the time of the applied voltage in order to generate the appropriate ions for the charged target.

Head electrostatic charge monitor:
Standard configurable head electrostatic charge monitor lets you see the static elimination effectiveness and condition at a glance



Install the electrostatic charge monitor as a standard configuration into the blower unit, which can display the quantity and polarity of the two electrodes of the target. The static elimination effectiveness of every blower can be easily confirmed through the LED display.



The ion level monitor performs self-diagnosis of the ion emission quantity and displays the ion level with the LED bar. Also it activates the alarm output when the ion emission quantity falls below a specific level. This function allows you to monitor dust adherence to the electrode probes.


In addition to the LED display, the controller can also output an alarm to an external device in the event that its static elimination effectiveness is unsatisfactory due to a large quantity of electrostatic charges.


The volume of air generated by the static elimination blower can be adjusted to suit the target object. When connecting the blowers (Æ P6), the air volume of every static elimination blower can also be adjusted according to requirements.

Pursuing the stability and easy maintenance on the site

• Low-voltage 24 V wiring
• Abnormal discharge detection circuit
• Static elimination stop input
• Clearing alarm
• Compliance with CE marking

Static Eliminators / Ionisers