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Vision Sensor

IV series

Food/Pharmaceutical Industry

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Best before date printing presence detection

Detects the presence of printed best before dates
The IV Series is standard-equipped with a 360° rotary position adjustment function, which enables stable detection by cancelling workpiece rotations and misalignments.

Missing straw detection

Uses colour areas to detect missing straws
The colour type IV Series is capable of performing stable detections that are not affected by the background colour.
Also, through the development of a dedicated processor, we have realised high-speed processing, which makes it possible to use this sensor without worrying about the line speed.

Model detection by way of text differences

Detects model differences by way of the different text printed on the products
With our newly developed shape tool, not only is there no need to worry about the effect of background colours, but it is now possible to search for patterns within the entire screen.
This enables stable detections even when misalignments occur during conveyance.

Label misalignment detection

Detects the misalignment of labels
The IV Series is standard-equipped with a position adjustment function.
It is possible to check for label misalignments with the bottle opening position used as the reference, which enables stable detections by cancelling misalignments during conveyance.

Missing bottle detection

Detects the presence of bottles within the case with a single sensor
The IV Series is equipped with our newly developed, ultra wide field of view head and can perform detections of 16 locations at the same time.
This makes it possible to capture and perform detections on the entire area with a single sensor.

Missing label printing detection

Detects missing information that should be printed on labels such as best before dates
The IV Series is as small as a match box, which makes it possible to install the IV Series in existing systems even in narrow spaces, which have conventionally been a hindrance to sensor installation.
Also, thanks to our newly developed wide lens, it is possible to perform wide-angle detections even when the sensor is installed at a short distance from the workpiece.

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