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Vision Sensor

IV series

Electric & Electronic

Unbeatable Performance in Automation and Sensing Applications.

Capacitor print presence detection

Detects missing printing on capacitors
Fine characters, which are conventionally difficult to stably detect with a dot scanning sensor, can be detected stably using the scanning area.
Also, through the development of a dedicated processor, we have realised high-speed processing, which makes it possible to use this sensor to track high-speed lines.

Remote control lighting confirmation

Uses colour areas to perform remote control button lighting confirmation
The IV Series is standard-equipped with a position adjustment function and captures images of entire surfaces, so accurate detections can be performed even when workpieces are misaligned during conveyance.
Also, because the IV Series can detect up to 16 locations at the same time, it is also possible to perform simultaneous inspections of button installation defects.

Connector lock confirmation

Inspects the locked status of connectors during assembly
The IV Series can be used to prevent contact defects stemming from products being shipped with connectors not fully connected.
With our newly developed shape tool, it is now possible to search for patterns within the entire screen.
This makes it possible to perform detections without worrying about the misalignments that occur during conveyance.

Electrical component presence and direction detection

Detects the presence and direction of the IC in carrier tape
By using the standard-equipped position adjustment function, stable detection can be achieved even when workpieces have moved in the carrier tape.
Also, high-speed adjustment enables detection without slowing down the processing time of the unit.

PC board mounting check

Checks the presence of mounted parts on the PCB
The IV Series is equipped with our newly developed, wide field of view head and can perform detections of 16 locations at the same time.
This makes it possible to check the mounting of multiple parts.
Furthermore, up to 32 types of programs can be set, which supports multiple product lines.

Part presence check within trays

Detects missing IC parts within conveyance trays
The IV Series is as small as a match box, which makes it possible to install the IV Series in the latest equipment, which continues to be miniaturised, without worrying about the installation space requirements.
Also, thanks to our newly developed wide lens, it is possible to perform wide-angle detections even when the sensor is installed at a short distance from the workpiece.

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