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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-5000 series

          High-speed Camera

          11X High-speed CCD Camera is the Fastest Available.

          11X high-speed CCD camera is the fastest available [Fastest in its class]

          High-speed 5 million-pixel camera series

          Colour type CV-H500C

          Monochrome type CV-H500M

          5 million pixels

          KEYENCE 11x high-speed cameras transfer 2432 x 2050 pixels in just 61.2 ms. This high-speed transfer rate delivers the benefits of high-definition image processing to high-throughput production lines. Now previously impossible inspections can be performed with a single camera. It is possible to detect extremely minute defects or large parts can be captured and inspected in greater detail with a single camera. In addition, the unobtrusive camera makes it easy to mount almost anywhere.

          Reliably detect microscopic defects

          Pattern breaks in solar battery electrodes

          Pattern breaks in solar battery electrodes

          310,000 pixels

          310,000 pixels

          Lines are out of focus and cannot be detected.

          2 million pixels

          2 million pixels

          Broken pattern is out of focus and lacks clarity for an accurate inspection. The image requires a smaller field of view.

          5 million pixels

          5 million pixels

          Lines appear sharp and the break can be accurately detected.

          The power of 5 million pixels

          Minute defect detection over a wide field of view can be processed, fast and rellably.

          Capture the entire image in one shot with a wider field of view

          Field of view comparisons with existing cameras

          inspect the entire image

          A 5 million-pixel camera can inspect the entire image at once while maintaining the resolution needed for inspection.

          20 million-pixel simultaneous process

          20 million-pixel simultaneous process

          Process up to 20 million pixels by connecting four 5 million-pixel cameras. All four cameras capture and transfer simultaneously.


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