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          Intuitive Vision System

          CV-5000 series

          CV-5000 Series Demonstration Movies

          This Collection of Animated Demonstrations Introduce the Features of the CV-5000 Series.

          Image Improvement Filter Example 1

          Detecting Abnormalities on a Sheet
          Image enhancement filters solve the difficult task of detecting foreign material on a sheet where lighting conditions vary.

          Image Improvement Filter Example 2

          Inspecting Bearing Defects
          Easy inspection of defects on curved metallic surfaces with uneven glossy finish

          Image Improvement Filter Example 3

          Marking Inspection
          Solving the difficult task of inspecting characters through packaging film.

          Trend Edge Defect Detection (Bottle)

          Detecting Dents in Plastic Bottles
          Accurate detection of small dents that are almost impossible to detect using visual inspection and difficult to detect using conventional methods.

          ShapeTrax II(TM)

          Detect targets with high precision and speed under poor conditions

          Trend edge defect detection

          Burr and chip detection in moulded resin items 
          Detection of chips in round edges, previously difficult,is now easily detected.

          Lighting control unit CA-DC10E

          Illumination preset for each preset measurement
          Lamps and lighting can be controlled in the controller's menu settings, with up to eight lighting settings without troublesome wiring or control with a PLC.

          The power of 5 million pixels

          Minute defect detection over a wide field of view can be processed, fast and rellably.

          Fine colour processing

          Foreign body detection in unwoven cloth
          The colour is securely extracted by fine colour processing.

          Real-time shading correction

          Even if the background irregolaritise cause light and shade difference, foreign bodies are stably detected.

          Combination of blur and shading correction

          It is possible to detect foreign material with diagonal stripes in the background, by eliminating the infloence the pattern.


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