Intuitive Vision System

CV-700 series

This model has been discontinued.

Image Sensor/Controller CV-751

CV-751 - Image Sensor/Controller





Built-in monitor type

No. of pixels

508 (H) x 480 (V): 240,000 pixels

Process cycle

30 c/s (Varies depending on the setting.)

Binary level

Colour binary conversion processing by colour extraction or colour shade processing

Program registration

16 programs (8 programs when two cameras are used)
Programs are externally selectable.

No. of registered screens

16 screens (1 screen/program or 2 screens/program)



Area sensor

8 max./program, Window shape: circle/square/free square

Absolute position detection

4/program, Window shape: square

Relative position detection


Width measurement

8/program, Window shape: square

Pitch measurement

Edge count


8/program, Window shape: square/circle

Flaw detection

8/program, Window shape: square/circle/circumference/arc

Point sensor

8/program, 8 points/window


8/program, Window shape: square/circle


Position adjustment

Colour shade search/line sensor/colour binary processing
(Centre of gravity, principal axis angle, X-/Y-axis direction, ±180° rotation)

Illumination adjustment

1 illumination adjustment window/program (2/program when 2 cameras are used.)

Pre-processing (Filter function)

Expand/shrink/median/average/edge emphasis/edge extraction/shading/brightness up/tint up/invert


Continuous processing of 4 programs max.
(Up to 32 inspections [4 programs x 8 windows] can be continuously processed)

Data calculation

Unit conversion (pixel, mm, inch) + Offset

Screen save

8 screens

Setup menu

Save parameter upon setting


Camera input


Control input

External trigger

1 (Non-voltage input)

Program selection

Data input (x4), 16 programs selectable (Non-voltage input)

Continuous detection

Detection is continued without an external trigger when the program No. is changed while CONT input is on.
(Non-voltage input)

Screen registration

2. Screens are registered by a trigger signal while REC input is on. (Non-voltage input)

Display/output window selection

Data input (x3), 8 windows selectable (Non-voltage input)

LCD monitor


TFT 5.5 inch, full colour


Cold cathode fluorescent tube (Life: 40,000 hrs)

Memory card

Compact Flash memory

Video output

Conforming to NTSC system

RS-232C interface

1 ch, numerical value output and control input/output (Baud rate: 38,400 bps max. selectable)

Control output

NPN: 9, 50 mA max. (30 V max.)

Numerical value output

Binary 13 bits, 10 mA max. (30 V max.)

Analogue output

0 to 4 V output, output impedance: 100 Ω

Display language

Japanese/English selectable


Power voltage

24 VDC ±10 %

Current consumption

1.4 A

Environmental resistance

Ambient temperature

0 to +40 °C

Relative humidity

35 to 85 % RH (No condensation)


Controller: Approx. 900 g

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