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In preparation for the KEYENCE Assessment Centre, please read through all of the materials posted on this website.
For any questions regarding the event not listed here, please reach out to the KEYENCE Recruitment Team:

Call us: 01908 359 904
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General Info

Wednesday 11th March 2020
KEYENCE UK Heathrow Office
3rd Floor, Heathrow House, 785 Bath Road, London, TW5 9AT
Morning session – 9am start (8:30am arrival)
Afternoon session – 2:30pm start (2pm arrival)

We will be emailing to inform you whether you are in the AM or PM session.

What to Prepare

The session will start with a company presentation and outline of the agenda for the day. Candidates will then be asked to introduce themselves and split into groups for the group activity.

Following this there will be a short break where refreshments will be provided.

After the break each candidate will be asked to present to a small group of KEYENCE representatives. The topic of the presentation will be:

“Why should KEYENCE hire me?”

The presentation will last for 3 minutes.

You will be allowed notecards and small visual aids – however NO POWERPOINT/LAPTOP-BASED PRESENTATIONS please.

We are looking for candidates to consider why they would be a good fit for a graduate B2B, consulting, field sales role.

Things to do to prepare for the presentation

  • Thoroughly read through the job description as well as our recruitment brochure
  • Think about your skills in relation to the role
  • Give clear, detailed examples of times you have demonstrated these skills from your previous experience
  • Think about what it is that make you a good fit for a B2B, consulting, technical, field sales role
  • Make small notecards and/or visual aids (if you need them or they add to your presentation)
  • Practise!

Travel Info

If travelling by car…

There is on-site parking at our Heathrow office. There is also on-street parking on some roads surrounding the office.

KEYENCE UK are able to pay 11p/mile for some petrol costs if you would like to reimburse your travel. To reclaim costs, you will need to keep receipts for petrol costs and complete our Expenses Form. The form will be available closer to the date of the event and will need to be submitted by the 31st March 2020.

If travelling by public transport…

The nearest tube station to the Heathrow office is Hounslow West, on the Piccadilly Line. Then you will need to take either the H98, 222 or 81 bus to Waye Avenue (this stop is right opposite the office).
Please remember that London buses only accept contactless or Oyster card payments (no cash).

KEYENCE UK will be able to reimburse some travel costs for candidates.
To reclaim costs, you will need to keep your payment receipts and complete our Expenses Form. The form will be available closer to the date of the event and will need to be submitted by the 31st March 2020.

Please send over expenses form and scanned receipts after the Assessment Centre.

KEYENCE will cover some travel costs from the following locations:

  • Newcastle and surrounding
  • Cardiff
  • Manchester and surrounding (Leeds, Sheffield)
  • Birmingham/Loughborough/Midlands and surrounding

Please note: No costs will be covered for those travelling from
Oxford / Surrey / Reading / Bath / Bristol / Nottingham / Southampton / Exeter / London.

Please contact the Recruitment team if you would like further details.

Meet the Grads

Meet Jake and Reece, who attended our 2019 Assessment Centre and have since started full time Graduate Consulting Sales positions here at KEYENCE UK!


Q.What degree did you study?
A.BSc Biomedical Science and MSc Biomedicine
Q.What was your experience of last year’s Assessment Centre?
A.It was really fun and interactive. It wasn’t a stressful and scary day; as soon as I arrived I was made to feel welcome and relaxed. Everyone was super helpful all day and would answer any questions thrown at them. Just enjoy the day and be yourself which is cliché but there’s no point trying to be something you’re not.
Q.What has been the most challenging aspect of your role so far?
A.I’d say organisation. Key is to be organised as there is a lot to learn and take in so if you can stay on top of it and be organised then everything will be fine.
Q.What is the company culture like?
A.One of the best parts about the job. Everyone is so similar and like-minded. Office days are really fun and everyone has a laugh as well as helping each other with issues or projects. It’s a very hardworking culture so as long as you are prepared to work hard when you need to, it will be very enjoyable.
Q.How has your first few months at KEYENCE been?
A.It’s been a lot to take in, lots of information and learning. I enjoy learning new things and it was all pretty new to me because of my background. I’m now starting to get the hang of it all and get my teeth properly into the job. It’s really fun being on the road, you get to organise your own time and be the CEO of your territory.
Q.Any advice you would give to candidates/new starters?
A.Enjoy the assessment day, be yourself as it’s your personality that will really help you in this job. Be prepared to work hard and willing to learn new things and always be open to developing more.


Q.What degree did you study?
A.BA Politics and International Relations
Q.What was your experience of last year’s Assessment Centre?
A.I really enjoyed the experience. It made me really determined and passionate about wanting to work for KEYENCE. I thought it was well-run and professional, which made a good impression on me.
Q.What has been the most challenging aspect of your role so far?
A.The most challenging aspect of the role so far would be time management in order to get the most out of my time on my field days - this is something which I am getting better at with more experience on the road. Getting a hang of our internal database system was also a rather big challenge.
Q.What is the company culture like?
A.The company culture is really good! I like that we are hard-working and focused on delivering results, but at the same time everyone is still looking out for everyone and helping where they can.
Q.How has your first few months at KEYENCE been?
A.The first month was extremely challenging in trying to organise visits and getting use to the computer systems, sending quotations etc. however, since I have gained more experience, I love my job now. I feel a lot more confident and am really enjoying all aspects of the role.
Q.Any advice you would give to candidates/new starters?
A.The advice I would give to new starters would be to not expect to know or be good at everything straight away. It takes time and experience so they should not get themselves down over this.


What is an Assessment Centre?

An Assessment Centre is a stage in an interview process where a group of candidates are assessed throughout multiple activities during the event.

This event (run by KEYENCE specifically) will be a great opportunity to learn more about the company, talk to our current employees and managers about their experiences, and to test out and improve your employability skills with our activities.

Who from KEYENCE UK will attend the Assessment Centre?

The Recruitment team (Jackie, Rachel and Stephen) along with a small group of KEYENCE UK employees and managers.

I’ve been assigned a time slot, but I can’t make it – what can I do?

We will have 2 time slots on the day of the Assessment Centre – so we could potentially fit you in in the other slot if this is more convenient. Please contact the Recruitment team so we can discuss the matter further.

Tel: 01908 359 904

If you can’t attend either AM or PM slot we are looking into running another Mini Assessment Centre at a later date for those who can’t make the Assessment Centre on the 11th March. Again, please contact the Recruitment team for more details.

Will I need to bring anything to the Assessment Centre?

You will need to bring any materials you need for your 3 minute presentation (notecards, visual aids, etc.). Other than this we would recommend bringing a notepad and pen if you want to make any notes during the event.

What should I wear to the Assessment Centre?

The employee dress code at KEYENCE is smart business attire, and this will also be the case for the Assessment Centre.

Are there any other tips to increase my chances of success?
  • Arrive on time
  • Check our website for our company values and key competencies beforehand
  • Practise your presentation – demonstrate your interest in the role and KEYENCE, as well as your confidence!
  • Be yourself! – a little bit corny, but true. We are looking for you to showcase your own personality and ideas as this is what will be beneficial for success in the role.
When will I hear about the result of the day?

At the end of your Assessment Centre session you will be informed if you have been successful or not.

Can I ask for feedback and if so, when will it take place?

We will send out feedback to anyone who is unsuccessful on the week after the Assessment Centre automatically via email. Anyone who is successful can contact the Recruitment team to ask for their specific feedback.

If I am successful what are the next steps?

Successful candidates will be invited to a final stage interview the day after the Assessment Centre (Thursday 12th March). There will be a limited number of slots on this day, so for those who we are unable to fit into the 12th March, we will arrange a final stage interview for a later date.

More About KEYENCE

You have successfully made it through our highly selective recruiting process and have been invited to our Assessment Centre. But a few questions remain: what exactly does KEYENCE do? Who are our customers? How do I explain the role and company to my friends and family?

To put it simply, KEYENCE is a global technology company. Our customers span multiple industries (automotive, pharmaceutical, food, etc.) and they buy our products to increase safety, efficiency, automation, and R&D efforts in their facilities.

Sales is the largest function at KEYENCE, and operates via our unique Direct Sales model. Customers don't order products from an online catalogue. Instead, they buy directly from our salespeople after an in-person consultation and product demonstration.

What is working at KEYENCE like? Our employees like to say a role at KEYENCE isn't a job, it's a career. From hands on training to our exclusive promote-from-within development model, KEYENCE puts the priority on our most important resource: people!

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The KEYENCE UK Recruitment Team is your dedicated resource for all hiring needs. We pride ourselves on finding the best talent to join KEYENCE – a lot of work goes into finding the right person – so we are very happy to invite you to this interview stage!

Our top priority is to make sure you have a constructive, positive experience with us. If you have questions not covered in the FAQ, or want clarification on any items covered on this site, please reach out to us!

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