• IM Series Instant Measurement System
    • Measures up to 99 dimensions in seconds 
    • One button, 'Just Place & Press' operation 
    • Automatic storage of measurement results

    VHX Series Digital Microscope
    • Multi-lighting automatically optimises illumination
    • Captures fully focused images in seconds 
    • 3D profiling, image stitching and measurement
  • IM-7000 Series Measurement Device

    The KEYENCE IM Series Image Dimension Measurement Device is designed to help drastically reduce inspection times on a wide range of precision parts. Up to 100 simultaneous measurements can be performed in seconds to a repeatability of +/-0.1 microns.

    Built-in data management and programming interfaces enable the creation of custom inspection reports and measurement data with just a few clicks. 

  • VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope

    With the VHX-6000 Series, lighting data from various angles can be instantly obtained at a push of a button. Anyone is able to acquire the optimal lighting effects easily. 

    Due to its high frame rate camera, the VHX can instantly scan through the focal range of a sample and build a fully-focused image on screen in seconds.

  • Pressing

  • Lathe processing

  • Button (50x)

  • Connector (100x)


IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System Catalogue

IM-7000 Series Image Dimension Measurement System Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:6.12MB

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue

VHX-6000 Series Digital Microscope Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:7.36MB

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