• The Best Way to Measure GD&T

    IM-8000 makes GD&T measurement easier.
    Simply place the part and press the measure for rapid measurements.
    The following GD&T can be measured.
    • Parallelism      /  Perpendicularity
    • Flatness          /  Roundness  /  Straightness
    • Concentricity   /  Coaxiality
    • Runout            /  Contour
    • Symmetry       /  True position
  • Inspection area

    For incoming inspection and pre-shipment inspection. By using IM-8000, you can shorten the time to the next process and shipping, which helps improve efficiency and shorten delivery time.

  • Measurement room

    IM-8000 can measure complicated measurement items. If there is an IM-8000 in the inspection room, you can easily check the dimensions and GD&T.

    • Processing floor

      IM-8000 can be used in the processing floor. First article inspection and in-process inspection are also important to guarantee quality. Fast and accurate measurements reduce machine idling time and waste of material due to defects.

    • Just place the part and press the button

    • Measurement result appears easily

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