The Next Generation of Dimension Measurement Systems

  • IM-8000 Series

    Highly Accurate Measurements in Seconds
    • 20 megapixel CMOS and new algorithm for stable edge detection.
    • Rotary Unit for 360' multi-surface measurement.
    • Intuitive interface for simple operation.
    • Accurate and repeatable results every time.
  • 01 | Place the part on the stage

  • 02 | Press the button

  • 03 | Measure 300 features in seconds

In 3 seconds, automatically measure up to 300 dimensions

Unaffected by operator skill level, achieve a reduction in man-hours. 
Measure small, large and three-dimensional pieces.


  • Inspection of prototypes

    Improvement of productivity, by reducing launch periods.

    Measurements that do not depend on the level of inspector experience.

    Measurement carried out with consistent inspection standards.

  • In-process sample inspection

    Improvement of equipment availability, through reductions in setup time.

    Better accuracy to identify missteps and reduce defective products in final stages.

    ■ Management of production cycle and quality.

  • Pre-shipment inspection

    Shipment inspection of products with shorter delivery times.

    Save man-hours in the production of inspection reports.

    Reduced training time and labour costs associated with inspectors.

  • Incoming material inspection

    Can manage multi-item incoming inspections with consistent standards.

    Reduced risk of defects, even when the number of inspections increases.

    Quality improvement, by measuring points not previously inspected.

Conventional Measurement Issues

  • Slow
    ■ With optical comparators and measuring microscopes, target and XY stage positioning can be time-consuming.

    Inaccuracy & Error
    ■ Manual focus adjustments for each measuring point can lead to measurement errors and take a considerable amount of time. 

    ■ The operation of conventional measuring devices require expertise.


  • Fast
    ■ With the pattern search function, it is possible to measure the target regardless of its position or orientation and multiple objects can be measured in a single batch.

    ■ The depth of field enables automated optical dimension measurement without focusing errors. 

    ■ Now, any operator can take accurate measurements with the push of a button with the option for data analysis and automatic report generation.

Advanced technology for comprehensive measurement

  • Measuring range up to 300 mm × 200 mm suitable for batch measurement

  • Advanced illumination for automatic edge detection and stable lighting conditions

  • The light probe unit can accurately measure the edges of side surfaces

  • Simultaneous measurement of all surfaces with optional rotary unit

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