UK & Ireland

  • Multi-function Laser Displacement Sensor

    • Suitable for a variety of detection and measurement applications
    • Wide range of sensor heads with rugged construction
    • Down to 1μm accuracy across a 20mm to 1m variation range
    • Simple, user-friendly setup
  • How does the sensor work?

    The IL-Series is a laser triangulation sensor that calculates distance to its target using a CMOS chip and a known angle.

  • What can be measured?

    This versatile sensor can be used to detect presence/absence, displacement, height difference, and thickness.

  • Where can the sensor be used?

    The IL-Series is compact, waterproof, and equipped with a flexible cable allowing the sensor to be used in any environment.

  • What's different about the IL-Series?

    This sensor is intelligently designed to compensate for different surfaces automatically providing stable, accurate detection.

  • Thickness

  • Height difference

  • Tilt

  • Width


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