1D/2D Camera Code Reader/Scanner

Compact, Robust, Easy to Set Up 1D/2D Barcode Reader Equipped with Autofocus Function.

  • Ultra-Wide Field of View

    • No need to check code positions
    • Read multiple codes all at once

    Greater Depth of Field at Longer Ranges

    • No need to reposition the reader for different sized products
    • Read minute codes at long distances

    Supported Code Verification Standards

    • ISO/IEC 15416
    • ISO/IEC 15415
    • ISO/IEC TR 29158
    • ISO/IEC 16022
    • SAE AS9132
    • SEMI T10-0701


SR-2000 Series 1D/2D Code Reader Catalogue

SR-2000 Series 1D/2D Code Reader Catalogue
  • [File type]PDF:4.88MB

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