• 3D laser scanners for stable profile measurement

    • Extremely fast sampling rates of up to 64,000 profiles a second mean measurements can be carried out even with short cycle times.
    • The high dynamic range of the sensor guarantees good image quality, even on difficult surfaces.
    • Carry out non-contact 3D measurements of complete geometries in the production line.
    • Easy-to-use software tools allow complete programs to be created in a matter of minutes. A wide range of image processing tools are available for complex tasks.

The object surface profile is captured and measured using the 2D laser scanner. The sensors contain various tools to measure height, width and cross-sectional area.  For 3D analysis, a composition of the captured 2D profile is used to create and analyse a 3D image of the sample.


    LJ-V Series Ultra-High Speed In-line Profilometer Catalogue

    LJ-V Series Ultra-High Speed In-line Profilometer Catalogue
    • [File type]PDF:3.63MB

    Measurement Application Guide [Profile Measurement]

    Measurement Application Guide [Profile Measurement]
    • [File type]PDF:2.03MB

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