• 3D inspection of tyres  

  • 3D inspection of tyres   
    Reading DOT codes and detecting defective tyres  

    • The high dynamic range of the LJ-V scanner guarantees stable 3D inspection, even though the low reflectance of the black rubber contrasts with the high reflectance of the rim
    • Accurate profile inspections of tyres and high-speed sampling of 64,000 profiles a second generate significant reductions in your inspection cycle times
    • Our image processing library contains a wide variety of filters and inspection algorithms which allow you to carry out complex tasks with ease
    • Reliable optical character recognition (OCR) and read-out of DOT codes are possible, as are side wall inspection of deformities and accurate location/identification of profile defects. This can be carried out both on individual tyres and when the vehicle is assembled. Learn more in our product catalogue for the LJ-V sensor or in our technology guide for tyre inspection.
    • Until now, DOT code monitoring on tyres was often inconsistent and unreliable due to the countless variations of tyres and codes. However, in collaboration with one of our integration partners, since 2014 we have successfully implemented a number of standardised solutions.