Understanding Safety Laser Scanners

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What is the technology?

Safety laser scanners use time-of-flight technology.
This means the scanner calculates position based on the time it takes for the laser to bounce off an object and return to the unit.

A customised protection zone is possible with a safety scanner. KEYENCE safety scanners can scan up to 190˚ and have a protection range up to 8.4m.

Everythng needed is built-in to the unit which is about the size of a coffee can. The innovative time-of-flight technology elimintates the need for other components.

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What are the benefits of a safety scanner?

Safety scanners are widely used because of their versatility. Scanners can be mounted vertically or horizontally and cover several types of hazards. These devices offer distinct advantages over conventional guarding options.

Area Protection

Safety scanners prevent hazards from operating when an unintended object or person is in a dangerous area.
These safety devices can be unobtrusively mounted to avoid damage or potential impact, while protecting a simple or complex shaped area.

Access Prevention

Scanners allow for vertical mounting to detect any undesirable entrances into a hazardous area.
This is ideal in locations where it would be too difficult to effectively mount light curtains.


A safety laser scanner can be mounted on an automated guide vehicle or transfer cart to eliminate the risk of collisions with objects or people in its path.
KEYENCE safety scanners ensure proper operation without danger or unnecessary stoppage.

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