Machine Vision Inspection for Healthcare related products

COVID-19 has impacted the world in unimaginable ways and continues to be among the single greatest challenge to every single one of us on the planet. Advancements in the medical and pharmaceutical fields are greatly enhancing the ability to fight against the virus. KEYENCE is proud to assist in the fight. KEYENCE solutions are widely deployed to improve the manufacturing productivity and quality of personal protective equipment (PPE), Diagnostics and many other healthcare related products.

Vial Inspection

In order to test vials as finished products, we have to take into account the limitations of the manufacturing facilities and vibration. It is also necessary to carry out the inspections in a timely manner.

Bottle mouth defect inspection, Seated cap inspection, Cracked body inspection, Liquid level inspection, Rubber stopper visual inspection, Liquid contaminant detection

Finished Masks Inspections

In order to inspect the masks appropriately, the constraints of the manufacturing equipment must be taken into consideration. To be considered a feasible solution the inspection needs to be completed quickly and in multiple areas.

Dimensional inspection, Presence and position of nose wire, Ear straps assembly inspection, Welding inspection, Contamination or foreign object detection

Rapid Diagnostics Test Kit

KEYENCE high speed inspection equipment can stably detect the most challenging manufacturing defects common in today’s Rapid Diagnostics Test (RDT) kits.
KEYENCE systems are widely deployed in the medical diagnostics industry to ensure high quality standards.

Sample pad position, Test paper assembly error misalignment, warping etc., Heat-seal width defects in packaging, Visual inspection of the cassette, 3D measurement of the housing, Molding defects

Rubber Stopper Inspection

Many products used in the medical industry require a very high level of quality control.
Rubber stoppers and other moulded products used in vials and other products are no exception.
With many solutions in the field of Factory Automation, KEYENCE's vision technology is widely active in this field as well.

Burr inspection along the parting line, Cap Side Inspection (Hair Contamination), Short shot, Oil stain, Discoloration, Deformation and dimension measurement

Syringes/Needles Inspection

Syringe/needle inspection requires a high degree of accuracy.
Even the slightest difference in dimensions or angles can cause discomfort for a patient during healthcare professional-administered care.
KEYENCE vision system technologies solve many of the industry problems especially when high inspection stability is required.

Molding defects, Needlepoint dimension measurement/Needle tip shape inspection (burrs), Defective print, Gasket insertion check

Plastic Bottle Vision Inspection

Specialty bottles used for storing a variety of chemicals can require a high level of quality control. Plastic bottles and other moulded products are no exception.
KEYENCE's machine vision systems have many factory automation solutions used in production lines around the world, and are widely used in plastic and molded product inspections specifically.

Visual inspection(hair), Deformation and dimension check of the mouth, Mouth shape check/Contaminant detection, Adhesion of liquid, Burr inspection along the parting line, Label alignment

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