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KEYENCE - IM Series - Calculate your time savings

When using the IM series

you will save hours /month!

Your present situation

At Incoming Inspection

Approx. minutes/day

Approx. hours/month

At in-process inspection

Approx. minutes/day

Approx. hours/month

At Final Inspection

Approx. minutes/day

Approx. hours/month

Current investment totals minutes/day or approx. hours/month

are now invested for part inspections

If you use the IM Series...

with our batch measurement capability and speed,

inspection will take approx. minutes/day
and approx. hours to cover your current needs.

Only % of your current time is needed!

As a result, hours/month
will be given back to you! Request a demo today!

Calcuate Time savings again

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